The Chaldean calculator

UPDATED for iOS17!!

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Version 3.1

Released 12/11/23 - Currently under review.

Bug fixes:
- Chalculator Today Widget displays incorrect interpretation.
- Challenges displays incorrect chalculation result.
UI clean-up

Version 3

Released 12/1/23 - iOS 17 Required.

Chalculator Today Widget.
Recents Feature.
Bug fixes.


People View

Enter the birth name and date of the Person.
The Chalculate button will only be enabled if the Birth Name input
is not blank and if there is at least one vowel and one consonant in the name.
Click the Chalculate button to view the Person's numerological aspects.

Gear Menu

Options allow hiding/revealing the Recents list and the Chalculator Today Widget


In-App Purchase required.

Each time you chalculate a person's profile, Chalculator saves the name and birthdate to the Recents list.
Click on a person in the Recents list to load their name and birth date into the Chalculator inputs.
Click the Chalculate button to view their numerological aspects.
Click on the Recents header to collapse/expand the list.

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