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The Chalculator is a fairly simple app. At its heart is the science of Numerology as practiced in ancient Chaldea. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number between 1 and 8 - its vibration. This "mapping" is the key to Chaldean numerology. To chalculate a word, you substitute for each letter its vibration and then add them together. If the sum is greater than 9 (and not 11 or 22) we add the digits of that number together and repeat the process until we have number between 1 and 9 or 11 or 22. That result then is the word's vibration. Each vibration has a meaning or interpretation. The Chalculator interprets it for you!

All versions of the Chalculator have two tabs: one for People and one for miscellaneous things.

In the Things tab you can type in anything you would like to Chalculate: baby names, street addresses, any combination of numbers and letters. The Chalculator will chalculate the thing's "vibration" and give you a simple interpretation of that vibration

For People you enter the birth name and birth date and the Chalculator chalculates the vibration of five aspects of the person: Purpose, Heart, Persona, Destiny and Goal

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